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An International European Family Holding that unites 15+ companies in 5+ directions

We unite

15+ companies in
5+ directions

We create

products and services
that people need

We are

partners with
global brands

Company's goal:

To provide our clients, partners, and counterparties ample opportunities to scale their businesses and increase performance.

All this is due to the updated ways of implementing products and services, robust process management systems, and high-quality cooperation algorithms.

The founders of the F1rst Family Holding

Sergii Redko

Founder & CEO

Shareholder of 12+ companies, board members in 11 countries, entrepreneur, visionary, and investor.

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Olena Zaverukha

Founder & CFO

Co-owner of several companies, founder of the charitable foundation Fenix Fundacja

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Directions of the holding

01 F1rst Building

Construction and renovation
of facilities in EU countries

  • We provide a full range of services in the construction field: from project and design to turnkey delivery of the object.

  • We are implementing a project for state tasks, renovating, and taking part in tenders.

  • We provide work crews at different stages of construction.

02 F1rst Logistic

Providing logistics and forwarding of transport
companies from all over the EU

  • We cooperate with a company that has been in the logistics market for over 100 years
  • Search for new contractors, the conclusion of contracts
  • Attracting qualified high-class drivers
  • Complete documentation
  • Accounting, analysis, and reporting services of working time
  • – Full staffing service
03 F1rst E-commerce

Amazon Direct Vendor Group in 7 countries

  • We work directly with global brands
  • Suppliers of goods in Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Great Britain
  • We select the best-selling product for its further delivery directly to Amazon warehouses
04 F1rst Export

Import and export of goods

  • Arranging deliveries to Europe
  • We have access to large European chains
  • We help to expand production
  • We work with Asian and EU countries
05 F1rst Tenders

Participation in tenders of the UN, NATO, and SAM (American Army)

  • We have complete verification and all the necessary codes
  • The only ones in Poland who received permission from NATO to supply dry rations for the American army
  • We provide full support and creation of documentation when submitting a tender
06 F1rst Work

Search and hiring of qualified employees in EU countries

  • For transport, construction, agriculture, production, and service companies from all over the EU
  • We work with international recruiting agencies
  • With us, you will replace dozens of different documents with one invoice and will be able to hire people when you need them.
07 F1rst Invest

Scaling and bringing the business to a new level

  • Sales increase
  • Digitalization
  • Systematization
  • Creation of business plans and presentations for investors
08 F1rst Charity

Social assistance to the needy

  • The Fenix Fundacja Charitable Foundation was founded in 2019
  • We assist shelters and socially vulnerable groups of the population
  • We provide search, collection, and delivery of humanitarian aid to citizens of Ukraine and the army

Proven logistics system

HR recruitment system with automated communication and employment process

Complete optimization of doing business

Family values in the team development system


Social assistance


Fenix Fundacja

Our foundation Fenix Fundacja has sent over 2.5 million euros to help Ukraine.

As well as 200 tons of humanitarian cargo, 100 tons of food, sets of tactical headphones, armored vests, thermal imagers, military uniforms, ambulances, medicines, etc.



We create legal jobs in the EU, thereby helping the qualitative assimilation of migrants and contributing to European business development.



We take care of the environment by using new cars according to environmental standards in F1 Logistics, and we also provide the supply of electric vehicles on Amazon.

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Phone: +48 570 822 788

Poland, Warsaw,
al. Jana Pawla II 80

[email protected]


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How to contact us?

If you cannot leave a request on the website, write to us by messenger or mail. We promise to respond promptly.

[email protected]

Poland, Warsaw,
al. Jana Pawla II 80

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